Dr Irina Kolesnikova

Dr. Irina has been practicing as a psychiatrist for over 15 years, working in both private practice and for the public mental health services. She previously worked at The Melbourne Clinic, Glencairn Consulting Suites, and Harvester Private Consulting Suites, before founding the Coburg Specialist Centre in July 2019. She is an accredited psychiatrist for both the Essendon Private Clinic and The Melbourne Clinic.

Dr Irina is a caring and compassionate psychiatrist specializing in adult psychiatry. She will help you to explore your mental health problems and the factors in your life that may have contributed to their development. Dr Irina places a strong emphasis on a recovery model and client’s rights, diagnosing where appropriate, and then developing and implementing treatment plans specifically tailored to the client’s needs, prescribing medication when needed, and may either undertake psychological treatment or collaborate with a Psychologist. She is holistic in her approach and mindful of the diverse and complex lives people have which require an open mind and flexibility to the notion of treatment.


Dr Irina is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. She engages in
continuing professional development, education, quality improvement activities and peer review.